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tevolution is a Remote Video Screen.

Designed to take streaming requests from a Semantic Player.

Built for Motion Freedom and part of the tevolution initiative.

omega is building tevolution to empower people.

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What can it do

tevolution streams videos remotely from a Semantic Player like MotionMonkey.

It supports DuckDuckGo, vox, BitTorrent, TMDB, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, IPTV(s), TikTok,
Twitter, Facebook, Odysee, PeerTube, Last.fm and SoundCloud.

All of this while serving the end user at all time and without ever showing an ad.

Application ecosystem

tevolution is part of an application family pushing towards Motion Freedom.

This ecosystem synergizes its strengths with open technology and standards.

Together: MotionBox, MotionMonkey and tevolution are greater than the sum of their parts.


tevolution is built in C++ with Sky kit on the Qt framework.

The GUI is powered by QML and rendered with OpenGL.

The video player is based on VLC and libtorrent.

Lead developer

Benjamin Arnaud started tevolution in 2022.

He is a senior VLC developer at VideoLAN.

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