What is omega Fran├žais

omega is a hacking movement toward the society of sharing.

The society of sharing

The society of sharing is a distributist society of abundance for sharing.

Who am I

I am bunjee and started the omega Movement in 2015.

I'm a hacker for the society of sharing.

What I build Sources

I build software for sharing.

Distributist Software is Free Software built for sharing.

omega is building Distributist Software for the society of sharing.

I build MotionBox

I build MotionBox, The Video Browser:

A Video Browser for Motion Freedom and the Video Network.

omega is building MotionBox for the society of sharing.

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A Video Browser

A Video Browser is a software application for video browsing.

Built to access and traverse decentralized video sources.

Built to load and play multiple video resources.

The Video Network

The Video Network is the set of interlinked video sources on the Internet.

It is open, decentralized and symmetric.

For Motion Freedom

Freedom to access video resources on the Internet.

Freedom to traverse decentralized video sources.

Freedom to share video content with everyone.

Built with Free Software Built on Discourse
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